EDIT:  this will be filled with an immense amount of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.  Also i wrote this at 1 am so the logic may not be to sound.  You have been warned.  


So I am going to talk about the thing that everyone is talking about right now and that is the sudden, and tragic death of Robin Williams.  At this point the information that we know is this: Williams was suffering from severe depression, and his death is being blamed on asphyxiation a.k.a suicide.  

since the surprising news broke, I have seen my news feed on facebook completely filled with status of remembrance.  Quotes and pictures of the characters he played are resurfacing and making many a people sentimental.  My issue is how we are remembering this man…a man that everyone thinks they know.

I find an irony in his death.  Everyone was so surprised about his issues with drugs, alcoholism, depression and eventually death, because  they never would have guessed a man such as himself would go through the things he did.  He is a funny man who brought laughter to countless number of could he be depressed?  The truth is, the Robin Williams that us basic, not so famous citizens know, is a man who has been created in films and stand up.  Mrs. Doubtfire, dead poets society, good will hunting, Aladdin; these are films that we use to define Robin Williams.  But that is not who he was.  In each one of those movies he played a character.  a person (or genie) that some writers created.  They are not him.

People are so utterly shocked that a man like himself could be struggling with something so serious that it led him to kill himself and yet he truth is that we do not know him.  We knew Teddy Roosevelt, Patch Adams, The Genie, Sean Maguire, Professor Philip Brainard, Alan Parrish, Daniel Hillard/Mrs. Doubtfire and John Keating.  most of us, did not know Robin Williams.  

so her is the point.  I encourage us to not just remember his characters, but lets remember Robin Wiliams.